Hixwer® solutions for HPLC

Hixwer® has an important range of filtering solutions for HPLC techniques for both small and large volume samples, water and mobile phase.

The certified quality associated with the performance of Hixwer® products is a guarantee of reliability in the results and care of chromatographic systems.


Ultrapure, sterile, particle-free water is key in chromatographic runs. Our HixCap150 capsule is suitable for the most stringent requirements, it is compatible with most of the equipment on the market, it also allows the use of the adapter for connection to hoses and it can be connected at the point of use of the plant loop. With a 150cm2 filtering area, it comes in different membrane materials and pores, and provides the following benefits:

– Excellent service life and flow rates.
– Testable integrity.
– Dispensing of sterile and particle-free water.
– Available in PES and N66 membrane
providing excellent shelf life, high
flows and reducing costs.
– An upstream PTFE membrane allows easy, automatic and clean purging of the capsule.


The most critical point for the care of chromatographic systems, so sensitive and expensive, and deserve the best effort.
Given the high consumption of mobile phase, the guarantee of particle retention is decisive. The portfolio of 47mm Hixwer® Membranes has the highest quality and we have a range of materials and porosity that covers all user requirements.
When the volumes to be filtered are very high, 5, 10 and up to 25 liters of mobile phase or washing solution, the funnel and kitasate technique for vacuum filtration are slow, cumbersome and operator dependent. HixCap20 allows to facilitate the process, optimizing times, both for filtering and for the personnel assigned to such a task.



The goal of using syringe filters in sample preparation is to protect the chromatographic system, especially the columns. Hixwer® syringe filters reliably remove particles from your samples without adding extractables or leachables.
Our portfolio includes a wide variety of membrane materials for both final filtration and pre-filtration in 4, 13 and 25mm.


Energy, money and time are spent on sample preparation. We are not interested in one vial contaminating a sample and resulting in complicated data interpretation or complete reanalysis. By using certified, contaminant-free vials, you can significantly reduce risk.

We provide vials, caps and septa made specifically for these applications and we not only guarantee traceability in your tests but also cover all your needs with a complete portfolio for each requirement.

8-425 Autosampler Vials                                                                                8-425 Cap & Septa                                                                                 8 mm Septa

9-425 Autosampler Vials                                                                               9-425 Cap & Septa                                                                        9 mm Septa

10-425 Autosampler Vials                                                                             10 – 425 Cap & Septa                                                                           5 mm Micro-Insert 

11 mm Crimp Top Autosampler Vials                                                    11mm Crimp Top Cap & Septa                                                        11 mm Septa

11 mm Snap Top Autosampler Vials                                                  11 mm Snap Cap & Septa                                                                      6 mm Micro Insert         &

 13 – 425 Autosampler Vials                                                13-42          13 – 425 Cap & Septa

15 – 425 Autosampler Vials                                      10-425       15 – 4    15 – 425 Cap & Septa 

Vials Rack                                                                                                           Crimper and Decrimper                                                                      HPLC Syringes

All our products are for industrial use exclusively.

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