About Us


Hixwer Company is born from the union of a group of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the market with the aim of offering much more than a good product and service. We decided to continue the 35 years of trajectory and the quality standards of Bellows SRL, an Argentinean pioneer company in the introduction on the membrane filtration technique in the country.

We are experts in solutions for quality control analysis and industrial filtration processes.

Our vast experience in the market allows us to understand the needs of our selected customers and we work everyday to achieve their real satisfaction.

We are convinced that our clients are in constant search for innovative products of excellent quality that allow them to simplify their processes maintaining the effectiveness of their results.

For this reason, our mission is to help simplify the processes of laboratory analysis and industrial filtration, generating reliable and safe results, assuring the real satisfaction of our customers.

Make it simple, Make it Hixwer

Matias Meyer

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