The Dilushaker III Digital has been developed in order to guarantee a smooth and effective use of Dilucups. Each instrument has the following specifications:

* Adjustable stirring time from 1 to 15 seconds per dilution step
* Adjustable rotation speed (400, 500 o 600 rpm)
* Removable tray for easy cleaning
* Ramp with LED lights to guide the user
* Adjustable ramp steering to accommodate both right- and left-handed
* Adjustable number of dilution steps per sample
* Direction by foot switch or optical sensor

Our Models

Article 40DS21PRXT
(recommended to be used with ampoules of 3 × 7 Dilucups)

  • Ramp with 3 LED lights
  • Removable tray for 21 cupsRemovable tray for 21 cups

Article 40DS42PRXT
(recommended to be used with ampoules of 6 × 7 Dilucups)

  • Ramp with 6 LED lights
  • Removable tray for 42 cups

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