Detection of Biofilms


New products for detection and elimination of biofilms in facilities pertaining to food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries:

* Rapid detection through the novel product TBF300s.
* Elimination on surfaces and circuits using products with biocidal capacity.


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TBF 300s

The TBF 300s BIOFILM DETECTION TEST is an innovative tool for hygiene control that allows for the quick and simple detection of biofilm presence on surfaces.

This product contains agents that selectively stain the protective matrix of the most common biofilms in the food industry. Through its application, biofilms are marked, enabling their presence to be detected through a simple visual inspection.

TBF 300s is available in a ready-to-use atomizer packaging. The product can be sprayed on to non-porous surfaces such as stainless steel or aluminum. After rinsing, it highlights the areas where biofilm growth has occurred, aiding in better hygiene control.

The TBF 300s BIOFILM DETECTION TEST is the only product on the market that enables the simple and specific detection of biofilms, with a cost and processing time per sample much lower than other techniques used for hygiene monitoring, such as surface sampling with culture plates or bioluminescence measurement.

All our products are for industrial use only.

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